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So I never thought that I would need one of these, and I know I am not the most prolific writer out there, but seeing I was losing track of what I had posted it seemed wise to at least list them properly  and I fail at tagging look at the tag mess

So here we go..... all finished and done at this point, no WIPs!

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Fic: It's in his jeans 1/1 Drabble

Title: It's in his jeans
Author: Kaminikaku
Rating: G
Status: Complete
Summary: Kamenashi Kazuya was walking to the train station when Kimura Takuya pulled over. Just what did Kimura want exactly? Was it in his jeans?
Author's note: This was to fulfill a request made by sibylblack on the Birthday Bandwagon challenge being held over at capslock_turtle. She requested something with Kamenashi and Kimura Takuya, and this is what I came up with. Hopefully it's cute and short, and a little bit funny.

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The Business of Bonds 1/3

Title: The Business of Bonds
Pairing(s): Akame
Characters: Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya, Nishikido Ryo, Ohkura Tadayoshi. (Cameos from other KAT-TUN and News members)
Rating: M for swearing and alluded to sexual activity
Genre: Romance, drama
Warning(s): Lots of business talk, some violence at the end, but hopefully nothing terrifying.
Summary:  Akanishi Jin and Nishikido Ryo have started a new business, and they need to find an investor willing to help them accomplish their dreams.  Enter Kamenashi Kazuya, owner of Kizuna Investments who is intrigued by both their business proposal and one of the proposers. Business bonds are one thing, but Jin is hiding something, Ryo knows about it; can Kame discover the secret and is their bond strong enough to survive it?
A/N: This was written for the a_s 2013 challenge. Inspired by a video provided by yumiko_okihawa!  This video was a scene from a Queer as Folk video. Unfortunately youtube has taken the video away, so I can't link to it! Which may be for the best, as other readers will not know where this could end up.
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Trusting in Love (G One Shot HaruToki fic)

Title: Trusting in Love
Fandom: Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Hachiyou Shou
Summary: Eisen never spoke of his true feelings, instead he hid them deep within so as not to burden others. Or so he thought. With the help of his fellow Kyou-based Hachiyou will he be granted one chance to tell Akane how he truly feels?
Pairing: Akane/Eisen
Wordcount: 5630

Rating: G

Genre/Warning: Het romance, appearances by all of the Hachiyou except for Tenma and Shimon.

Notes: This was originally written as part of the Parallel Exchange 2012 held on Archive of our own here.

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The Turtle is worth it 1/1

Title: The Turtle is worth it

Pairing: Gen fic, News (4nin) and KAT-TUN (5nin) members represented

Summary: The members of News and Real Face salons both attended Johnny's Styling Academy and now are leaders in their fields.  This year the Real Face team has been nominated as a finalist in the Canine And Feline Styling Awards (CAFSA), as a four member team.  The Real Face Team ask News to look after Kame and things don't quite go as planned.

Wordcount: 7037

Rating: G

Genre/Warning: Fluffy gen crack with a generous helping of attempts at humor.

Notes: This was originally written for swedish_weirdo, as part of the capslock_turtle Kame rarepair mini exchange in Feb 2012.

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NEWS Fic: Moisture 1/1

Title: Moisture
Rating: R for language and discussions of sex
Pairing: Characters Shige, Koyama, Massu, Tsubasa. Pairing info would be a spoiler.
Warnings: None apart from AU, misunderstandings and problems arising from fishing trips...
Summary: When Shige goes out fishing, he comes home with a very different catch of the day; a merman. Luckily, that catch of the day leads to some much longed for life altering changes for all of them. All up, it's one very intense day.
Notes:This fic was written for miss_jelly as part of the 2010 News Ficcon fanfic exchange.  One of her prompts made me think immediately of Zoolander, and this clip here . Everything else happened from there! And thanks to beta-chan for pointing out the rather large flaw that I missed...

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Star Storm 1/1

Title: Star Storm
Characters/Groups: Arashi, News, Toma, Tackey & Tsubasa
Genre: Comedy drama, AU.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nothing to be scared of, no violence, horror, swearing or anything of that ilk.  However, a possible warning for fluffy crack should be issued.
Summary: Arashiyama is a small town outside of Kyoto, and home to one of the biggest boybands in Japan: Arashi.  Although the five Arashi members are seen as the beloved sons of the town, it is also home to a number of other young men who are also well loved and well thought of, and all successful in their own careers.  When a benefit concert called Star Storm is organised, and Arashi can no longer attend, can organisers Tackey and Tsubasa find another way to close the show?
Author's Notes:  In this verse, Arashi and News members (plus a few others) are friends and contemporaries, who all grew up in the same town of Arashiyama.  Arashi became the Arashi we know and love, while others took different paths, but the bonds of friendship remain regardless of different paths.  This was written for je_justfriends 2011 exchange.

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Seasons of Love. Akame PG-13 1/1

Title: Seasons of Love
Pairing: Jin/Kame
Rating: PG 13
Genre/Warnings: Fluffy, angsty introspection
Notes: The lyric excerpt for The Fifth Season came from:  This was originally submitted for Kizuna_exchange 2011.
Summary: It seemed like an easy enough question, but Kame was having trouble choosing an answer.  How could he choose his favorite season when all of them featured Jin?

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